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Dana White took a page out of his colleague and long-time friend Joe Rogan’s playbook and tried his hand at stand-up comedy. He engaged in amusing a sold-out crowd at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles as part of his show Dana White: Lookin for a Fight.

Check out the video of Dana White’s set in Los Angeles by swiping on the post below:

Dana White was joined by former welterweight champion Matt Serra and former UFC fighter Din Thomas. The episode aired in April 2016. The three stars set out on a trip across Los Angeles on a quest to find prospective fighters for the UFC.

How did Dana White’s set at the Laugh Factory play out?

Dana White, ahead of his performance, admitted that he “was f***ed” while being given a run-down of the dos and don’ts by Nick Swardson.

He also admitted to having a little outside help with his set. His outing was bolstered by Joe Rogan’s close and personal aide, Tony Hinchcliffe. White admitted that Hinchcliffe had written his entire set and helped him prepare to deliver it.

Catch the entire segment of ‘Dana White: Lookin for a Fight’ right here:

The episode also saw Dana White and his band of merry fighters visit the most popular spots in LA. They initially touched down at ‘Randy’s Donuts,’ one of the most prominent eateries specializing in donuts. At the restaurant, they were taught how to make donuts and fill them up with jelly.

This was followed by a meal at a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles called ‘Crossroads.’ The trio were initially hesitant about indulging in vegan delicacies, but soon changed their preconceptions of the diet choice. They later watched a charity basketball game with Nate Diaz.

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